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Afghanistan Now

The New York Times yesterday compared the American withdrawal from Afghanistan to “echoes of the Soviet experience” in the country. The article rightly noted that after the Russians pulled out, the Afghan government forces fought on for several years — because the Soviets continued to provide military materials. When that aid stopped, the government forces fell apart. 

In Vietnam, many argue the same phenomenon occurred. That is, the collapse of the South Vietnamese forces happened after America slashed its aid to almost zero and refused to bomb the invading North Vietnamese forces that were continuously supplied by the Soviet Union and China. 

The Afghan military (including the police) needs about $6 billion a year for at least the next several years. Economic aid is separate. It is not at all clear that the administration or the Pentagon is laying the groundwork with the Congress for this steady infusion of military aid to continue.  

— Bing West is author of Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghanistan War.

Bing West — Bing West, a bestselling author and former assistant secretary of defense, served as a Marine grunt in Vietnam and later as a dean at the Naval War College. A graduate ...

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