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Halftime Post

I’m too nervous for my Michigan Wolverines to think, so I opt to blog. (No one thinks when he blogs, right?) They’re losing to Ohio State at halftime.

Michigan has a wide receiver named Amara Darboh and another named Jehu Chesson. Each is a pleasure to watch. The former was born in Sierra Leone, the latter in Liberia. Each country was torn by vicious war. I know all wars are vicious, but these wars featured bodily mutilation: There are many, many people from those countries who are missing limbs.

Anyway, both Darboh and Chesson found their ways to America, and both are enjoying excellent college careers (on my team). I’m so very glad.

I don’t wish to make a broader point about immigration or the Syrian-refugee crisis or anything like that. I am simply pleased for these young men, and the Michigan team.

One more thing — a footnote: Ohio State has a big offensive lineman named Elflein. I’m just a little amused because, in German, his name means “little elf.” (Pfitzner wrote a Christmas opera called “Das Christ-Elflein,” or “The Little Elf of Christ.”) It would be like calling your Chihuahua “Goliath” or something.


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