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After Stupak

Stupak’s first congressional district is in rural Michigan–it encompasses the entire Upper Peninsula and the top tier of the Lower Peninsula. How rural is it? I think there’s a spot in the UP’s Keweenaw Penninsula (the birthplace of my grandfather), that is farther away from an interstate highway than any other spot in the continental United States. It’s also big–the biggest congressional district east of the Mississippi, except for a bigger one in Maine. This is a seat Republicans will target and can win.

UPDATE: The likely GOP nominee is Dan Benishek, a Yooper (i.e., from the Upper Peninsula), a doctor, and a political neophyte.

John J. Miller, the national correspondent for National Review and host of its Great Books podcast, is the director of the Dow Journalism Program at Hillsdale College. He is the author of A Gift of Freedom: How the John M. Olin Foundation Changed America.


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