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After Supporting War, Bill Clinton Now Blames Bush for Iraq

Former president Bill Clinton, who had previously defended President Bush’s decision to go into Iraq, now blames Bush for the current turmoil in the region.

“If they hadn’t gone to war in Iraq, none of this would be happening,” he said in an NBC interview with David Gregory. ”Iraq would not have been, in effect, drastically altered as it has been.”

Former vice president Dick Cheney, Clinton said, has for the last six years been “attacking the administration for not doing an adequate job cleaning up the mess that he made. And I think it’s unseemly.”

Reacting to Clinton’s comments, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough noted a CNN story from 2004 with the headline: “Clinton defends successor’s push for war.” The article quotes Clinton saying, “I have repeatedly defended President Bush on Iraq.”

Scarborough said that the Clinton quoted in the article “was a different Bill Clinton.” When the war became less popular, he said, Clinton stopped defending it. 

“This is collective amnesia on the Left,” Scarborough said.  

For his part, Cheney fired back, saying, “If there’s somebody who knows something about unseemly, it’s Bill Clinton.”



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