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After Van Gogh

With more than a dozen arson attacks on mosques and churches now reported the news from Holland continues to be bleak, and so, if people pay attention to what some on the multiculturalist side of the fence are saying, may be the prospects for free speech. Here is Ismael Taspina, the director of eight Islamic schools in Holland. The Guardian notes that Taspina accepts that “freedom of speech may be very well,” but then quotes him thus:

“When we have all these different backgrounds, maybe we should have limits on what you can say.”

Now, Taspina is the director of an Islamic school that had, disgracefully, just been burnt down, and, perhaps he was, understandably enough, just caught up in the emotions of that horrible moment, but he is, I suspect, far from alone in his opinions.

Anglosphere” author Jim Bennett once wrote, “that the deliberate abandonment of assimilation reinforces the lesson that of democracy, immigration and multiculturalism, we must pick from any two.”

Are the Dutch in the process of finding this out?


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