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An Afterthought on Iran

In Impromptus today, some subjects are cheery, some are apocalyptic. (Typical column.) In the latter category falls an item on Iran — and on our chairman of the joint chiefs, General Martin Dempsey. He has described Iran as a “rational actor.” I write in my column, “Really? Hope he’s right. A lot hinges on that . . .”

Here is an afterthought: Is anyone who regards the mullahs’ Iran as a rational actor really and truly a rational actor, or a rational thinker, himself? At a minimum, would it not be prudent to consider Iran an irrational actor, and act accordingly? What could it hurt? But to underestimate Iran’s irrationality — that could hurt a lot.

Rarely has the saw “Prepare for the worst, hope for the best” seemed so apt.

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