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Against High-Speed Rail? You’re a NIMBY!

Are you opposed to California’s $69 billion high-speed rail project? If so, that position will simultaneously place you among a growing majority of Californians and render you a “NIMBY,” “declinist,” or “fearful” man. From Mercury News:

With his most public cheerleading yet for California’s bullet train, Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed the $8 billion bill to kick off high-speed rail construction and showed no sign he was worried about voters’ increasing skepticism for the rail line.

Calling naysayers “NIMBYs,” “fearful men,” and “declinists,’’ the governor celebrated a project that he first signed a bill to study 30 years ago.

“It’s taken that long to get this going,’’ he said, flanked by dignitaries and construction workers at the site of San Francisco’s future Transbay Terminal. “You may not be around when it’s finished.’’

Nor, at this rate, will California’s economy.


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