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Against Socialism: Part Two of NR’s Double Special Issue Is Out. And Yeah, It Is Amazing.

What to do for an encore? Here’s what: Publish a follow-up to the acclaimed May 20th special issue, “In Defense of Markets,” and title it “Against Socialism.” The new issue is not only in the mail but up on the NR website, ready and available here, especially for NRPLUS subscribers. We’ll recommend four random selections from the publishing triumph, but first, Editor Rich Lowry wrote a preamble to the dozen pieces that comprise the issue’s core. Here’s a slice:

If NR exists for nothing else, it is to stand up for important truths, even when they are embattled or out of favor. It is in that spirit that we have published our most recent two numbers, a twin special issue making the case for markets (our last issue) and against socialism (the issue you are reading now). If our cause wasn’t nearly as gained as we thought two decades ago, it is incumbent on us to make the argument for it more vigorously than ever. Thanks for reading.

There’s not a bad piece in the lot. We encourage you to try on for size one or all of these recommendations. In Preserved in Their Poverty, Theodore Dalrymple explains how socialism destroys the human character. In one of the issue’s big essays, Avik Roy focuses on how Socialized Medicine Is Bad for Your Health. Then there is Kevin Williamson’s take on The Ignorance that Kills, which nails central planners for never knowing enough and causing mayhem courtesy of their ignorance. Last but not least, John O’Sullivan pens a terrific essay, Of Socialism and Human Nature, in which he discusses why the ideology fails, and succeeds.

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