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Agent Cody Banks Hates Jews

According to this parody:

Spurred by the success of Mel Gibson’s recent movie “The Passion of Christ” studios have begun to target the massive audience who apparently desire to see movies which are accused of being anti-semitic. Through six days in theatres Mel Gibson’s “Passion of Christ” has grossed over $125 million. MGM has jumped on the band wagon first and completely re-edited and over-dubbed “Cody Banks II: Destination London”.

“We have recut our movie to see just how anti-semitic we can get….allegedly.” MGM President Larry Gleason stated, “The audience is there and we just have to give them what they want.” In the original script, teen spy Cody Banks, was sent by the CIA to London to recover a stolen mind-control device. In the new ending, he goes to Jerusalem to take on the evil Knesset who are secretly controlling the United States government and subjugating innocent Palestinians to death and torture. The studio has also redubbed the movie so that Frankie Muniz’s character has a codename of Adolph. And, in a final surprise twist, Agent Banks discovers that Israeli spies were actually the cause of September 11th. “Is it anti-semetic?” Gleason asked, “I think that’s an answer only and audience of 40 million ticket buyers could decide.”


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