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Ah, Grasshopper

Try to snatch the definition of neoconservatism from my hand.

Actually, of course you’re right in that my definition is pretty flimsy — but I thought it was kind of funny.

But then again, the “adult former liberal” definition doesn’t hold up too well either. I know you don’t truck with much of the “who’s a neo?” nonsense. But if all it took was former left-liberal (Podhoretz, Bill Bennett, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Ben Wattenberg, Perle) or even former socialist-Communist (Kristol, Lipset, Novak, Muravchik et al) credentials then many of the giants of National Review were neos too — even though so many so-called paleos claim them as their own. Frank Meyer, Whittaker Chambers and James Burnham come to mind.

Again, put the word out to pasture.


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