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Ah, More Familiar Territory

A reader responds to today’s column:

This campaign is really wimpy. Bush should be called a liar and a man who will waste the lives of young Americans in a war for neocon-artists like you. He is a traitor and you are too. So I’d like to see an ad by the Kerry campaign that lays out all the neo-con lies and intrigues that have driven the nation to the edge of a cliff. That wouldn’t be nasty enough, but it would be true. I can’t wait until January 2005 when Bush is back in Texas on his faux ranch choking on pretzels and crying in his non-alcoholic beer. And I hope you will be kind enough to buy him a round or two. The American people are waking up to the nightmare Bush and the neo-cons have created. Maybe you should send your resume to The Nation because it’s going to be a long time before you get anywhere near the hearing you get at the top of this corrupt government. And, one more thing: eff off, ok?


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