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Ah, Youth

From a reader:

Thanks for the bit about the (no-relation) Goldberg book and smashing the idea that popular music and lefty social rebellion go hand-in-hand. It’s maddening for me, a young conservative and rabid music fan, to be repeatedly told that liking the newest underground band automatically means you’re a left-wing fanatic. I can’t read Rolling Stone anymore without my blood pressure going through the roof—I used to be able to ignore the asinine political commentary in search for actual music reviews (which are increasingly crap these days anyway), but putting Howard Dean on the cover was truly gag-worthy. The day they elevated Dean to rock god status was pretty much the end for me. It’s really pathetic that a magazine that used to have some independent musical clout is now just another drooling lackey for the political left. And they think the *right* is lame…


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