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“Air America”

My anti-Franken column has generated some hysterical (in every sense) emails. Most are wayyyyyyyy too long to post, which in itself is a sign of hysteria. But here’s an okay one, but it is brief:

Hypocrisy thy name is republican!! The word has become ugly among many on the left and the middle. I voted for George Bush in the 2000 elections and it’s the worst mistake I’ve ever made. I’ll never vote for another republican as long as I live.

Why did I go to the left? Because I see a pervasive movement among the people on the right to take away my rights in the country. My rights as a woman (abortion legislation) and my rights as a citizen (Patriot Act). I am also VERY alarmed at the influence the religious right has over the current administration. Considering your name is Goldberg (I’m assuming your Jewish) you should be deeply concerned about this as well. I also see a profound level of secrecy in this administration that has not been seen since the Nixon administration. What do they have to hide? Lots. People seem to forget- these people are suppose to be working for us. In addition to the complete lack of accountability…. need I go on? How are republicans so blind to the dubious acts of this administration? How can you justify us taking valuable and limited military resources out of Afghanistan to fight an uneccessary war in Iraq? How can you excuse the promotion of freedom and democracy for Iraq by this administration when they’re shutting down their newspapers? You people call yourselves conservatives but YOUR president has taken us from a substantial surplus to billions of dollars in debt, that is going to take generations to pay off. How can you excuse the inexcusable? The list is growing ever longer. You say Al and Air America have no content? How arrogant and absurd. Looking at the current situation the only people I see without a leg to stand is you sir and the people you represent.

Liberal now and never going back….


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