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Mr. Goldberg:

While it was ten years ago that I was in the JAG Corps in the Navy, I think I can still assure you that the Uniform Code of Military Justice provides a much more extensive procedure than you outline in your Corner post. Procedurally, there must be a preliminary hearing (an “Article 32″ hearing), which determines if there is Probable cause. Once that determination is made, then there will be a determination by the commanding general as to whether to refer to a General Court Martial. I suspect that the general with that authority in this instance will not be the CO of the 101st, but someone above him.

The scumbag will, of course, have a right to counsel, and a right to a “jury” (members panel) made up of officers and at least one third enlisted senior to him. I am sure his attorney (Ramsey Clark? Johnnie Cochran?) will want a psyche evaluation, etc, etc, etc.

Essentially, it won’t be that easy. Unfortunately in this instance. On the whole, the military justice system works well, and does endeavor to protect the rights of the accused, something many people to this day do not accept.


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