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Al Franken Preempts?



1. Was this not a preemptive strike?

2. Isn’t it true, that the heckler did not pose an imminent threat to Dr. Dean?

3. The heckler was taunting, using language as a weapon, with no WMD evident.

4. Franken should have consulted the ACLU, Al Sharpton, Peter Jennings, and developed a multilateral consensus before attacking!

5. Isn’t this shocking, Franken behavior reminiscent of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and Gore Vidal?

6. Why couldn’t Franken give diplomacy a chance? Franken did not exhaust all avenues of diplomacy before his unilateral militaristic attack!


7. On what evidence, did Franken declare this heckler an illegal combatant?

8. This is not the first unlawful attack by Franken and friends. It follows unprovoked attacks on Kosovo, Somalia, Rick Lowry, and others.”