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al qaeda and iraq, al qaeda and iran

Andy McCarthy and others have constantly pointed out the mountains of evidence showing al Qaeda’s long-standing and extensive working relations with Saddam’s Iraq.  Tom Joscelyn has recently written a marvelous essay doing the same on the relations between al Qaeda and Iran.  I borrow extensively from that material–which should be published shortly by Claremont–in a book on Iran I have just finished and submitted to the green eye shade crowd at St Martins Press, but suffice to say that it’s very compelling.

I remain convinced that when all is said and done and we finally unravel all the threads in the vast winged conspiracy that constitutes the terror network, we will find most everyone involved.  I mean, just for starters, ask yourself what Ramzi Bin al-Shib, the logistics officer for the 9/11 attacks, was doing in Iran in February, 2001 (after meeting with Atta elsewhere), and why said Ramzi headed for Iran again, just six days before 9/11.  That information was provided to the 9/11 Commission just 24 hours before the report went to press…good old CIA just happened to stumble on it, hoHO. 

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