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Al Sharpton, Sharp-dressed Man?

More proof today on how Washington Post fashion columnist Robin Givhan cares more about politics than fashion: she praises Al Sharpton as both “formal and fly” for wearing some vested suit in a color of “butterscotch.” And his career of racial ambulance-chasing, dating from Tawana Brawley forward? ”The activist preacher is often seen leading marches, stirring up grass-roots protests and decrying the establishment,” but the butterscotch suit, that’s just a little “too loud,” as if Sharpton were a “peacock of moral clarity.” (If you actually peek at the picture, it looks baggy and ill-fitting.) This woman thinks John Bolton’s a complete fashion embarrassment, especially his hair, but laments the end of Sharpton’s “bouffant-icity.” Ugh.

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