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Alas For Suzie

Well, big win for the Dems tonight in Louisiana. There’s no way to spin this positively for the Republicans, though I’m sure tomorrow they’ll be saying how great it is that Suzie Terrell came from 27 pct of the vote in November to 49 pct today. Don’t believe it; the combined GOP vote in November exceeded Landrieu’s 46 pct. The pundits are saying a sugar issue, having to do with agribusiness, that Bush was on the wrong side of (from a Louisiana perspective) pulled it out for Landrieu in the final week of the campaign. We’ll see. First, I want to know what the black turnout was. Anyway, the Democrats have something to crow about, and the GOP, which sent all its heavy hitters, including the president, to Louisiana for Terrell, has a big black eye. Bush should have spent more time there.


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