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Alec Baldwin, Tax Evader?

The Daily News reports that actor Alec Baldwin is being targeted for possible tax evasion by the city of New York:


Facing shrinking revenues, the state has ramped up its pursuit of suspected tax dodgers, hiring 189 new auditors and – for the first time – making filers swear under oath on tax forms as to how many days they “spend in New York City.”

If it’s more than 183 days and the filer has a residence in the city, the tax bill goes up.

Baldwin, star of NBC’s “30 Rock,” owns a three-bedroom co-op on Central Park West, a house in the Hamptons and a pad near his daughter in Los Angeles.

He spends lots of time in the city doing the show, but claims the Hamptons as home base. That made him one of hundreds of people slapped with an audit in 2009.

“The moment you start working regularly [in the city], the city finance people come after you,” Baldwin recently told an audience at City College.

Neither Baldwin nor tax officials would discuss his case with the Daily News.

Baldwin is reportedly considering a run for office, but he should rest easy. Tax issues aren’t a big deal in the Democratic Party of late.

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