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All of a Sudden, Economic Conditions in This Pandemic Matter

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer addresses the media, May 20, 2020. (Rebecca Cook/Reuters)

If there’s been one constant in progressive advocacy across this pandemic, it is that anyone who is worried about the economic downside of COVID restrictions is anti-science and doesn’t care if people die. Over the last few days, though, Trump has been slammed for the economic costs of the pandemic and the response to it.

Now, it’s certainly possible to say the best way to boost the economy is to defeat the virus, but, as David Harsanyi notes below, Democrats haven’t really explained how they would have fought the virus except with longer and more pervasive lockdowns, measures that surely would have meant that more businesses would be bankrupt right now and more people out of work. A couple of nights ago, there was a compelling video segment on the struggles of small businesses. But when people protested Governor Whitmer’s lockdown a few months ago, in large part because they wanted to go back to work and feared the consequences of the lockdown for small businesses, they were hooted down as goons and Nazis.

The upshot is that Democrats wanted more lockdowns and now are blaming Trump for the deleterious economic effects of lockdowns.


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