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All Over Again

I’m getting a really bad case of déjà vu.

Democratic Congressional leaders said Tuesday that they were ready to push emergency legislation to aid the imperiled auto industry when lawmakers return to Washington next week … “Next week … we are determined to pass legislation that will save the jobs of millions of workers …” the majority leader, Harry Reid … said …  —  Int. Herald Tribune

It’s all a bit too creepily similar to the travails of the British auto industry in the 1960s. That ended with nationalization, which was of course a horrible failure, the debris eventually being sold off to Chinese and Indian firms.

This is on top of the on-rolling debate between save-the-world “great nation” conservatives and “fortress America” Buchananites, which is even more creepily similar to the “Great Britain” vs. “Little England” controversy that raged over there all through my formative years.

At this point, I’m in the market for a cyclical theory of history.

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