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All We Have Is You

Apparently The Weekly Standard might be on the auction block. The LA Times reports that Rupert Murdoch might be in talks with Phil Anschutz to sell our friendly rival. That’s all I know about the matter. But I’m sure I’ll get a memo-handout at the next VRWC meeting. Whatever happens, I really do hope they continue to prosper and I’m confident they will. But, it seems to me that this is a good moment to point out to NR’s readers and friends that we don’t have a rich patron who covers the bills, particularly when times are hard. We have you, and you and — well, okay, — maybe not you (Go back to the Democratic Underground you lurker!). If you think we don’t find it awkward asking for your help, you’re wrong. And if you think you can generate safe cold fusion energy by gluing duck-butts together and taping a 1982 ColecoVision game console to their underbellies, you’re wrong about that too. Would that we had such safe and reliable means of generating alternative energy. And would that we didn’t have to rattle the tin cup in your faces. But we do and we’re very grateful for any help you can offer in these trying times.


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