The Corner

Allen ’08??

No, no, no. Not for president. For Senate.

From a longtime Allen supporter:

Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) will be 81 years old when he comes up for

re-election in 2008. There is a strong chance that he might retire,

especially if the prospect for the GOP regaining control of the U.S.

Senate is in question (The GOP will be defending 21 seats of the 33

seats). If Sen. George Allen doesn’t hang on this time around, he

should run for Warner’s vacated seat in 2008. Despite all of his

self-inflicted wounds, and the terrible, issue-free campaign he ran, he

didn’t get blown out. And Iraq probably contributed more to his defeat

than anything else.

George Allen is a young and talented conservative leader who still has a

deep reservoir of good will among the people of Virginia. He was an

effective conservative reform Governor who abolished parole, reformed

welfare, improved educational standards, and cut taxes. As Senator, he

was a consistent conservative voice for lower taxes, limited government,

individual freedom and a strong national defense. Maybe next time,

George Allen will run exclusively on his record and conservative issues,

instead of resorting to liberal-style campaign themes (i.e. hitting Webb

on his women-in-the military stance).