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Alternatives to “Meennnndddddooozzzzza!”

I would suggest, “Whyyyyyyyyy?!” Best used when shouted to an uncaring heaven and shot from above on a camera crane which can pull out and up, showing the shouter kneeling over the body or grave of the recently demised. See Pia Zadora’s epic “The Lonely Lady” for a complete tutorial. And by the way, the “?!” at the end of the line is called an “interrobang” in writers’ rooms.

My problem with “Mendoza” has always been the name itself. Mario Mendoza was a light hitting shortstop for the Pirates in the 70s who spent most of his nine year career struggling to keep his batting average above .200, which has ever since been known as the Mendoza Line. So whenever I see it on the Corner, I expect someone to be complaining about a slumping batsman.

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