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Am I the only person who doesn’t see the ‘floating cross’

…in Huckabee’s ad?

(Updated): What I see is a bookshelf in the background that would be perfectly suitable for any Jewish or Muslim home (if you like those square cubby-hole shelves, anyway, I do not). It even has knick-knacks on it. Is that supposed to be the “floating cross?”

Perhaps Huckabee lacks an understanding of a positive, Christian secularity. Perhaps he throws around religion a bit too much even for a so-called “religious” conservative like myself to feel comfortable with. But let’s not read too much into this. People are going nuts over geometry right now.

UPDATE II — From a reader:

Note the three ornaments on the shelf – a clear reference to the Trinity, and thus a deliberate slap at Mormons, Jews, Muslims, and Unitarians. When will that Huckabee stop being so divisive? Would it have killed him to stop at two ornaments, or to include a fourth?

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