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Thank You in Advance

Eons ago — like 2009 — I saw the word “bleg” a lot. It means, I think, to ask for information via a blog. I don’t see the word much anymore. But in any case: Can you help a brother out?

I begin my Impromptus today with the idea of a “Thank you,” “Thank you” society. America is such a society. The double “thank you” is inherent to capitalism.

You want something, and you’re willing and able to pay for it. You hand the money over. The other guy says, “Thank you.” He hands over the goods. You say, “Thank you.”

It’s “Thank you,” “Thank you.” Everybody wins. Nobody gets the shaft.

There is zero-sum in life, as I say in my column, but there is much mutual benefit. Donald Trump sent out a tweet the other day. He said, “We are going to come first in all deals.” The thing about deals, many of them: There is no “first” or “second.” We say “Thank you” every day, and hear it back.

(Of course, there are raw deals.)

I’ve forgotten, or never knew, who came up with the formulation of a “Thank you,” “Thank you” society. Do you know? If so, please drop me a line at

And thank you (just one).