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America Eagerly Anticipates Radio Free Kudlow

Tomorrow, as with every Saturday, the nation’s airwaves will tingle with the transmitted wisdom of one Lawrence Kudlow, champion of free markets and their benefits, and his gaggle of gurus, featuring NR’s own Robert Costa, Steve Moore, Newt Gingrich, Jim LaCamp, Stephen Weiss, Chris Edwards, David Malpass, John Tamny, James Pethokoukis, John McIntyre, and Jennifer Rubin, all of whom will join with Larry in taking on the day’s most pressing questions on matters fiscal and economic. Tomorrow, lend an ear as they discuss Ryan’s Biden-whuppin’ on Benghazi and economy, the growing Libya cover-up, Romney’s pro-growth, revenue-neutral tax plan, America’s best and worst fiscal governors, and the invisible case for reelecting Obama. Catch The Larry Kudlow Show on your local radio station, or, if your area is so deprived as to lack Larry’s syndicated program, listen to it live via the Web, right here.


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