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‘The Bully Type’

We are now up to Part IV of my series on John Dos Passos. We’re concluding tomorrow. Today, I quote something that Dos Passos quotes: a statement by Burton C. Andrus. He was an American Army colonel, and the commandant of the prison at Nuremberg.

One day, he was speaking to the press and said a certain defendant would not be appearing in court. The prisoner was ill, and receiving medical care.

A reporter asked, “What caused him to take sick?”

Colonel Andrus replied, “His illness was caused by stress of emotion. He has been hysterical for the last three weeks. He has had crying fits in his cell. He is the bully type, strong and hard when on top, cringing and crying when not.”

Anyway, I think you will enjoy this installment, and the rest of them, for what Dos has to say, about the world around him (and, to a degree, within).


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