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When Can We Expect the Anti-Cuck Poetry Anthology from American Greatness?

I didn’t realize that American Greatness publishes poetry until Tuesday, when they published an anti-cuck poem that, like anti-cuck prose, speaks of bizarre racial fears and fantasies best worked out with a therapist (“And spread her ample, gentle thighs / For those who come and tribalize”). The best thing that can be said for it is that the author had the sense to publish it pseudonymously. The verse is clearly aimed at David French, who is the target of racialist attacks, it’s worth remembering, because he committed the unpardonable sin of adopting a black child from Africa. For whatever reason, though, he’s not mentioned by name. Instead, in what I suppose passes for cleverness among people who publish anti-cuck poetry, David’s photo was initially the shared image for the piece on social media. And this from the publication that imagines itself an intellectually serious tribune of Trumpism.

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