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An American Lawyer: What She Saw & Experienced in Cuba

Kimberley Motley is an American attorney and human-rights activist. I have known her for several years. For some time now, she has lived and worked in Afghanistan. She especially helps girls and women there.

She is a multifaceted woman, Kim Motley. Her résumé includes the Mrs. America competition.

Readers of NR know who Danilo Maldonado is. We have written about him several times, and I interviewed him earlier this year. For that piece, go here. Maldonado is the Cuban dissident and street artist nicknamed “El Sexto” (meaning “The Sixth”). He has been in and out of prison. He is in again, this time for not saying and doing the right things after the death of Fidel Castro.

Last week, Kim traveled from Afghanistan to Cuba, in hopes of representing Danilo. She herself was detained by the regime, for hours. They came again at midnight. She is now in the United States, and I talked with her yesterday. For the Q&A, go here.