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American Prospect: Bad at Math

The Left’s campaign to terrorize wealthy conservative donors into silence is paying off, with donations down and potential donors citing their fear of being publicly demonized for their activism or targeted by the IRS. This has led Paul Waldman to sniff at them in the American Prospect:

On the second point, I suppose one might be concerned that Harry Reid would go to the Senate floor and denounce you for undermining our democracy with your donations, even if those donations are perfectly legal. But in order for that to happen, you’re really going to have to get into the first rank of donors. A couple hundred thousand dollars isn’t going to do it; in order to be “demonized,” your contributions are going to have to reach at least eight figures.

Brendan Eich was hounded out of the company he helped found over a $1,000 donation. That’s four figures, not eight, if my English-major math is to be trusted. 

But never mind reality — the American Prospect has a story to tell!


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