The Corner

“American Son”

Just saw Wesley Clark’s campaign video, which they played before a town-hall meeting. Holy cow! Watching it is enough to make you think we should skip the technicalities and just make him president by acclamation. All-American puppy-dog-holding kid. Champion swimmer. Honor student. WestPoint stand-out. (Are you feeling unworthy yet?) Married a beautiful girl. War hero in Vietnam. Friend of children and minorities while in the military. Savior of the Kosovars. Medal of Freedom winner. And, of course, presidential candidate seeking to restore the honor of his nation. The only problem with the video is that it is so perfect it is almost self-parodic. At the beginning, Clark is shown speaking in a military uniform so festooned with medals and ribbons, it’s a wonder he could stand up straight. But it’s no mystery why shrewd people thought the person of Wes Clark would make an excellent foundation for a presidential campaign.