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Americans Are All Jews

Good article at Reason on growing anti-Semitism in Iraq. I particularly liked this part because if it were true that America was entirely Jewish there would be a lot fewer complaints about Jews:

For a journalist, not a day goes by without mention of Jews and Israel. “We are Muslims!” a taxi driver declared proudly during an evening ride to a hotel. “And Jews come to our land?” When asked to whom he was referring, he said: “They are all Jews. The Americans are all Jews and mercenaries. We know their religion.” Another taxi driver explained that “America and the Jews are one. We know this from their interests, their relationships, and America’s defense of the Jews….America and Jews are the same because they have the same goals and the same faith.” An angry man in the market of Abu Ghraib, a town west of Baghdad, explained that “the Americans are Jews. Their work is Jewish. Nobody accepts them.”


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