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“Americans” Attacked

I’m on board for making a huge stink about the latest assault on American citizens in Gaza by — presumably — Palestinian terrorists. But I must say that it bothers me a bit that when Jewish American citizens are killed in Israel, the media (and often the State Department) dismiss the murders almost immediately. In numerous “suicide bombings” American Jews visiting Israel have been killed but, for apparently obvious reasons, they sort of had it coming. Why? Are they American citizens or not? If an Irish-American were killed by the IRA or a Spanish-American were murdered by ETA or if Italian communists killed an Italian-American the headlines would read “Americans killed in terrorist Assault.” But when Jewish-Americans are murdered in Israel, it seems to me, the news is usually buried in the story or at best mentioned in the subhead. American citizens — of any descent — should be inviolate everywhere and anywhere. Kill one of us and you invite the whirlwind, is my philosophy.


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