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Americans for Prosperity Releasing ‘Personal Option’ Health-Care Model at Odds with Dr. Big Brother

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With Senate Democrats ready to spring a health-care public-option bill in the coming weeks, while House Democrats are rallying behind a Medicare-for-all push, it comes fortuitously timed for Americans for Prosperity to launch the next phase of its Personal Option effort, which contends health care can be better, have greater access, and be affordable.

AFP CEO Emily Seidel — addressing the broad complaints of Americas with, among other things, the cost and lack of transparency with our current health-care system — lays out the case and the campaign for a decidedly nongovernmental solution in this video:

As for the public option, AFP contends that the response to the COVID virus shows how health care is administered when in the hands of politicians and government. There were, says Seidel, “massive failures,” which can only raise the question, “Why would we ever double down and ask the government to do more in health care, when it failed us so badly during the pandemic?”

The AFP plan highlights are:

  • Good insurance at an affordable price
  • Access to the latest life-saving drugs at a reasonable price
  • To see the doctor of our choice, conveniently and affordably
  • To know how much our care will cost, up front, before we pay for it
  • The choice to try experimental treatments
  • Safety nets that protect the vulnerable

Highlighting ideas for greater access to health care, the AFP plan offers a model at odds with government-run plans (think Canada) that mean long waits when needs are immediate:

  • Expand Health-Savings Accounts
  • Strengthen Health-Reimbursement Accounts
  • Promote telehealth
  • Repeal certificate-of-need laws
  • Let nurses deliver the care they’re trained for
  • Let doctors and nurses practice across state lines
  • Speed up FDA drug approvals
  • Remove FDA barriers to diagnostic tests

AFP president Tim Phillips recently had an excellent discussion with the great Sally Pipes, a leading conservative health-care expert, and Congressman Chip Roy — author of the Personalized Care Act — about how Big Brother’s response to the pandemic exposed the flaws of Uncle Sam running things medical, and why market solutions will be the right course for America. Listen to it here.


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