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Americans, Independents Oppose Raising Debt Ceiling

Trouble for the president’s economic agenda? In a new poll for The Hill, 62 percent of Americans oppose raising the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, while just 27 percent support it. That number includes 77 percent of Republicans and 64 percent of independents. Even a plurality of Democrats — 46/42 percent — oppose raising the limit.

The poll also has some data on opinions about the stimulus two years out, and of President Obama’s handling of the economy in general. Just 36 percent of respondents believe the stimulus created jobs, while 48 percent overall — including 61 percent of independents — say it did not. Forty-four percent of respondents say President Obama’s policies are hurting the economy, 41 percent that they are helping. The hurt/help split among independents is 47-37.

Things were somewhat better for the Republicans: 44 percent of respondents said GOP control of the House would help the economy, while 30 percent said it would hurt it.

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