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Americans Should Say ‘No’ to Emergency Declaration

President Donald Trump speaks on the U.S.-Mexico border in Mission, Texas, January 10, 2019. (Leah Millis/REUTERS)

In a new video, National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke condemns President Trump’s threat to bypass Congress with an emergency declaration to fund his border wall. This comes after Trump warned Americans from the Oval Office on Jan. 8 of the “humanitarian crisis” at the border and called out Democrats for their refusal to fund a wall.

Ignoring Congress is wrong no matter who runs the country, Cooke stresses.

Trump’s potential move “is just as unreasonable and just as unacceptable as it was when Barack Obama did it over DACA when he didn’t get his way on immigration reform and the DREAM Act,” Cooke says. “And it’s just as unreasonable as it was in 2013 when President Obama said that he reserved the right to go into Syria even if Congress said that it did not approve.”

To President Trump, “Americans should say, ‘No, you won’t,’” Cooke urges. He explains why here:

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