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Americans Still Not Familiar with Obamacare after Millions in Ads

In September of last year, 68 percent of Americans told Gallup that they were very or somewhat familiar with Obamacare. Five months later, after the administration and its allies spent millions of dollars and recruited celebrities to help promote the law, that figure remains unchanged.

A new Gallup survey shows that the publicity and promotion behind the health-care law has had little impact one way or the other. Along with the number of those relatively familiar with the law remaining the same, those who aren’t has also stayed stagnant: Since September, the number of people not too or not at all familiar with the law has gone from 30 percent to 32 percent.

Last year, the Associated Press reported that outreach to promote Obamacare will cost at least $684 million annually. That figure doesn’t include outside groups that have advocated for the law.

Among political parties, self-identified Republicans said they understand the law more (78 percent) than independents and Democrats (65 and 64 percent, respectively). Republicans also had the lowest lack of familiarity with Obamacare at 21 percent.


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