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Americans Unite! Organize ‘Team America’ Viewing Parties in Your Neighborhood!

This cannot stand. We are now entering untrod territory in America: preemptive self-censorship. The news that Paramount Pictures has ordered movie theaters not to show Team America is a new low in corporate cravenness. Hey, suits! We’re talking about North Korea here: They have midget subs that sink by themselves, starving citizens, and fighter pilots who believe that the red button in the cockpits of their 1960s jets will make their planes invisible (trust me on this). You are, or were until yesterday, Americans. What level of self-abasing Dantean shame you now occupy is beyond my poor psychoanalytical abilities. 

So, it’s now up to us. Fellow citizens, any of you who own the Team America DVD (preferably the uncut version), stand up for freedom, for comedy, for America, and organize a showing in your neighborhood. Invite your neighbors, tell the local press, pass the DVD around, and stick it in the eye of both the Norks and the wussies at Paramount. Oh, and, start boycotting Star Trek, too. 

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