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‘The Amnesty Fantasy’

My Politico column today makes the case that immigration isn’t a quick fix for the GOP’s Latino problem.

And, for what it’s worth, here was an intelligent critique from the comments section:

Lowry is correct that passing immigration reform will not automatically translate into a big increase in the Latino vote for the GOP, but the Republicans do not have a choice at this point.

The Romney/Ryan ticket and its stated policy of attrition/self-deportation posed an immediate existential threat to immigrant families across America and they decided to fight back and they will do it again, if necessary. Some fifty thousand Latinos turn 18 every month and they are paying attention (or activists will make sure they do) to how the Republicans act on immigration in the coming months. Moreover, there are some ten million Latinos who are eligible to vote, but who are not even registered yet. Massive, continued voter mobilization campaigns could change that.

Whereas immigration reform is not a panacea, it sure would help the GOP in that it would take this issue off the table and more Latinos would be open to the Republican message. As long as the fate of undocumented parents or granny is on the line, immigration will trump other issues.


The Wuhan Lab Cover-Up

The Wuhan Lab Cover-Up

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