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Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

There are times when, watching the actions of the Bush administration, I

have to grip the arms of my chair, clench my teeth, and mentally repeat

“Afghanistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq,…” This is one of those times. The

administration has just come out with its amnesty plan for illegal

immigrants. They are studiously avoiding the a-word, but amnesty is what

this is, plain and simple. Quite aside from the gross injustice (to

L-E-G-A-L immigrants, not to mention displaced American workers) of this

scheme, there is nothing in the Times report


suggest that anyone in the administration has grasped the most elementary

fact about immigration control: I.e., that unless we carry out a major and

radical overhaul of border security and supervision of visitors, any amnesty

of this sort will simply incite a huge new flood of illegals. Principled

conservatives should go to the mattresses on this one.