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“Amnesty Was Already Going to Happen Regardless”

JPod: Your correspondent’s observation that conservatives have to cut a deal because otherwise the Dems would force an amnesty accurately reflects the thinking in some Senate offices, but is baloney nonetheless. If the Dems really could do that, they wouldn’t mess around trying to get Jon Kyl on board, because the president will sign any amnesty bill that reaches his desk. And even if they could pass an amnesty with only Democratic votes, we should dare them to do so, and them attack them for the “Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco Democrat amnesty” next election — which is precisely what they fear, which is why they’re begging us to protect them from the voters’ ire. I don’t remember seeing that in the job description of a Republican politician.

When faced with a strong opponent, you can either follow Petain or DeGaulle. Kyl and Chambliss and Isakson have chosen Petain — I choose DeGaulle.