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Amy Barrett on What’s Most Important in Life — Life! Especially the Life of Each and Every Child

This conversation Phil Muñoz at Notre Dame had with Amy Coney Barrett and Amul Thapar is worth watching in its entirety. But if you don’t have time for that, please fast forward to 30–31 (if you’re really pressed) minutes in. Barrett talks about her family, her marriage, the surprise adoption of John Peter and her youngest, Benjamin, who has Down Syndrome. She talks about what a gift Benjamin has been to each member of the family. Human life is what’s most important, raising children is most important. She has a memento mori reflection moment, too, talking about how the cemetery on Notre Dame’s campus helps with focus on what really matters. So here we are having this massive national fight. But the most important thing Amy Barrett will ever do has nothing to do with the Supreme Court. That’s focusing for everyone in America who is never going to be in the Supreme Court or hold some kind of national office or platform. The family is the most important work. Giving a child love and a shot at life is the greatest gift. Whatever you think about the timing of a vote or anything else, can we rally around this in renewed ways, please?

Amy Barrett on the national stage is good for us, if we let her be.


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