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Many people said that, when the war was over, it would be time for an honest and clear-sighted assessment of our military plan. Well, the war is over. And before you decide that there were no problems, please take a look at, “Analyze This,” the article by Mark Helprin in the current issue of NRODT. Helprin says what I have been saying for some time–that, despite Secretary Rumsfeld’s claims, we cannot fight two major theater wars at once; that our armed forces are too small; and that we committed too few troops to the fight in Iraq. We were lucky, because the Iraqis could not capitalize on our mistakes. But the truth is we had too few troops. Again, this turned out to be a minor problem in Iraq. But it was a revealing one, and teaches us a lesson for future wars, when underestimating necessary troop strength may have larger consequences.


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