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Anarchy in Cairo


Mobile service is back for now, and Sam Tadros has heard from friends in a number of areas in Cairo. The word from various neighborhoods is that there are no police to be found in Cairo, and the army is protecting government buildings only.Looters are robbing stores, and holding up at gunpoint ordinary citizens traveling by car  and in their homes.  Smoke from burning buildings and gunfire from gangs are ubiquitous.  Common criminals and prisoners have escaped from prison and are taking part in the mayhem. Residents in Katamiya Heights are fleeing, while in other neighborhoods residents are forming defense militias. The Heliopolis neighborhood is being beset by mobs and the Fairmont Hotel is burning.  Mobs wielding knives and swords are in St. Fatima Catholic Cathedral and are trying to break into the Coptic museum and into the mosques and churches in Old Cairo. Neighborhood residents are trying to protect it. Citizen pleas for military protection go unheeded.


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