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Anatomy of an Obama Hit Job

If you’re wondering how low the Obama campaign will sink and how eagerly the media will abet them in their unfair attacks, you might want to take a look at my article on NRO today which details how Newsweek facilitates the Obama campaign’s slandering of Joe Lieberman. The Obama campaign accuses Lieberman of “half-hearted denials of the false rumors that Obama is a Muslim,” an accusation which is demonstrably not true, and Newsweek printed without bothering to ask Lieberman about it.

After reading my article, Geraghty notes that Newsweek has established quite the pattern of being in the tank for Obama — and Jennifer Rubin over at Commentary asks some relevant questions:

How smart is it of the Obama camp to antagonize a revered figure in the Jewish community? Is this showing tact and diplomatic skills or a tendency to bully and bluster? I suspect it will change Senator Lieberman’s conduct and behavior not at all.

On that last point, Lieberman’s office emailed me this morning with another statement, following up on what they told me for my article: “If the Obama campaign thinks they are going to intimidate Joe Lieberman with these sleazy tactics then they are sorely mistaken.”


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