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And This E-Mail, My Friends, Is Hope For The Future!


I cannot believe what John said could be posted on the corner! It is so sacrilege! Conservatives are innovative, hence the movement will continue to spread. (Need proof, look at the composition of the government, popularity of conservative media, etc) It is the lefties that keep trying to put dead ideas that have proven unsuccessful in shiny new packaging, but nobody is buying it. An age of freedom is coming as people are beginning to see the damaging effects of sexual liberation and other movements of the 1960’s. We are making a comeback! As Paul Johnson says, any serious notion of socialism is dead. (This is why the EU will ultimately fail, but that is another rant for another e-mail.)

Conservatives must keep fighting and taking back ground. Those who do so half-heatedly should take a cab and go home and make room for the rest of us!

I can’t reply anymore because I have to finish reading Russell Kirk for my American Founding Principles class. Keep fighting and doing conservative things, fellow comrade!…


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