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And Here We Go . . .

It’s official! I’m done haranguing people about preordering my book. That’s because today it goes on sale.

I set up my own website in part to spare NRO readers from any hint of self-promotion of my “epic and debate shifting” (David Brooks, NYT), “. . . ambitious, engrossing, and provocative . . . splendid . . .” book (Commentary). I know that you have no patience for such naked hawking of a “fascinating” book (Russ Roberts) that is  “. . . an important exploration of why we’re giving up the philosophy that built the modern West” (Ben Shapiro) that “will be one of the most important books of the year” (Stephen Hayes) that makes a “surprisingly useful” weapon for bludgeoning unsuspecting villagers (Ragnar Lodbrok).

Anyway, if you’ve already bought it: thank you. If you plan on getting it, today is a good day for that kind of thing. If you want to hear or read more about it, you can hear me discuss it with Russ Roberts on EconTalk here, with Bill Kristol here, with John Miller here, or Matt Lewis here. I also talked to NPR’s Steve Inskeep about it yesterday. And here’s is the excerpt adapted from the introduction from the current issue of National Review. And here’s MBD’s thoughtful essay on it.

Oh, and if you’re in NYC, I will be at the New York Public library tomorrow. Details here.

I have a crazy media schedule over the next couple days including a return to The Daily Show (I know: What could go wrong?). More details here.

I know this is all so tawdry, at least by pre-Stormy standards. But I put a lot of work and passion into this, and I feel obliged to put at least a fraction of that effort in getting it out there, particularly given how crowded the media environment is these days. If I don’t do this, who will? Still, I promise to be very sparing of this sort of thing in the Corner (I make no such promises about the G-File and The Remnant).

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the support, particularly to Rich and the folks at NRI who let me slide for a while on my furnace-stoking duties to get this thing done. Onward.

Update: Here’s my Morning Joe appearance for those interested.

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