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And, Lend Me Your Thoughts

It is year end–the busiest bloody time of the year, but also a springtime in a weird kinda way–time to think through what works and what doesn’t and such. Next year is the 50th anniversary of NR, the tenth anniversary of, and…I need a nap already. Love your ideas, feedback, wish list, etc., always do.

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Warren Is a Fraud

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has been telling a story for years. It’s a deeply romantic story about her parents and their young love, fraught with the familial bigotry of an earlier time. Here’s how she told it this week in a video she released in preparation for her 2020 run: My daddy always said he ... Read More

Two Minnesota Republican Candidates Assaulted

Two Republican candidates for state office in Minnesota have been physically assaulted in recent days, leading prominent Republican lawmakers to caution their Democratic colleagues against employing inflammatory rhetoric. Republican state representative Sarah Anderson was punched in the arm last week after ... Read More