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And People Say Fox Is a Gop Mouthpiece

So yesterday, John Kerry is pressed by ABC News about Medalgate. Charlie Gibson declared: “Senator, I was there 33 years ago, and I saw you throw the medals over the fence.”

To which Kerry replied that Gibson was wrong and that, by association at least, Gibson was part of the Republican Attack Machine unfairly going after Kerry. Kerry went on to say that Bush was behind all of it and that the National Guard story was the real story.

Guess who agrees? Here’s the first couple paragraphs from the <a href="

_medals” target=”_blank”> AP:

WHEELING, W.Va. – John Kerry, a decorated Navy veteran criticized by Republicans for his anti-war activities during the Vietnam era, lashed out at President Bush on Monday for failing to prove whether he fulfilled his commitment to the National Guard during the same period.

Conservative critics have questioned whether Kerry deserved his three Purple Hearts for battle wounds, an issue the Democratic presidential candidate sought to put to rest last week by releasing his military records. On Sunday, a top Bush adviser criticized Kerry for leading anti-war protests after he returned from the battlefield.


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